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In What Ways Can Digital Marketing Lead to Crimes

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Some Typical Forms of Cyberattacks

Malware infection from files downloaded or clicked links

Imagine what happens if you have shared a link on your social media account for the sole purpose to promote your product and somebody gets affected immediately after clicking on it? Some links are infected with malware therefore when one shows a little bit of interest and clicks on it, his/her computer is affected by the virus.

Identity theft

Stealing someone’s identity is one of the most common ways to lead to crime. Today when every day new social media application is launched, people are finding new ways to promote their products and reach a large number of people through just one post. We can use examples of Instagram influencers. They are offered to promote many products so to make them more reliable to people. But what if one’s account is hacked and his/her identity is stolen by someone? That would indeed be a big blow to the product and the influencer. Just a few clicks and the whole marketing strategy can fall on the ground and perish.

Fake News

Fake news is as strong in the world of crime when it comes to digital marketing as identity theft. We are living in a world of technology-driven information. Just one occurrence somewhere on the corner of the planet, and it is spread to the entire world within a second via Twitter or Facebook. Sometimes this news helps build a strong knowledge but when people use these social media accounts to spread fake news on a particular topic or brand, that can be very harmful to the company and its revenue.

Data Theft

One of the major problems the companies are facing today is to keep their customers’ data as safe as possible. Now that online businesses are thriving, customers need to share their personal details with the companies which eventually becomes a very easy target for fraudsters. New law like GDPR promises to protect the data. However, the companies that rely on the internet to run and promote their business face a constant threat to secure the trust of the customers by protecting their personal information.

Flood attacks or DDoS

DDoS or distributed denial of service is designed to shut down a business or website. This is caused by organized targets by botnet which can take any website offline. You can use paid software options to protect your websites from being shut down.

So whatever business you are trying to open, it is quite obvious that you will eventually rely on a digital marketing strategy to promote your business further. Before you start ant business, make an effort to properly research how to avoid any kind of crime related to your digital marketing strategy.

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