Digital SKY 360


Why hospitals should use Digital marketing platform to market:

Hospitals on digital platforms can effectively promote their presence and brand at a very cost effective manner and can also educate individuals online and keep in touch with their patients at a their convenience. Hospitals can develop communication and online community to develop its presence and dominance at their specific subject which can act as brand recall.

How digital marketing be useful for Hospitals:

  • - Generating brand / domain awareness by Google display or Facebook Ads
  • - Establish communication with patients over social channels like Facebook / Twitter
  • - Video marketing can be a very effective strategy for building brand
  • - Content marketing should be the prime tool for establishing presence and brand recall
  • - Blog submissions and corporate video can be proven as a very important marketing Strategy
  • - Overall channel mix can establish online reputation

Benefits of Digital marketing:

  • - Reduce your overall marketing budget
  • - Develop brand online value & proposition
  • - Acquire leads efficient and cost effective
  • - Build online community of patients and doctors
  • - Develop & publish content

Our services offerings to Hospitals / Labs / Clinics:

  • - Logo design
  • - Brochure design
  • - Banner design
  • - Social media posts
  • - Website design & develop
  • - Developing online marketing strategy
  • - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • - SEM (Google Search or Display Ads)
  • - Facebook Ads
  • - Handling social media channels
  • - Video marketing
  • - Managing online reputation
  • - Content marketing

Platforms available for marketing: