Digital SKY 360

Education Sector

Why education sector should use Digital marketing services:

Education sector being the industry of youngest and most digitally savvy consumers & had it been students or parents are mainly online now in either one of the social media channels like Facebook or Instagram / checking emails or watching videos online. So targeting consumers online using various social media channels and virtual strategies can be a really effective marketing plan.

Why & How digital marketing can be useful for Education sector:

  • - Branding school / institute name by Google display ads or Facebook Ads
  • - Generating awareness of campus or project on channels like Facebook / Instagram
  • - Geo targeting consumers in local area and offering them exclusive deals
  • - Acquiring leads at a very cost effective margins in comparison with offline marketing
  • -Acquiring right targeted consumers on Google by local SEO / PPC (pay / click)
  • -Reduce your overall marketing spends and increase your efficiency by acquiring the right consumer
  • Re-marketing a course or offerings to the parents or directly to students
  • Video marketing and promoting them on channels like you tube or Facebook Ads
  • Content marketing ( i.e Blogs / EBooks / Articles ) can set Thought Leadership among Readers
  • Live webinars / Facebook live can be used for building domain authority

Benefits of Digital marketing:

  • - Reduce your overall marketing budget
  • - Develop brand online value & proposition
  • - Acquire leads efficient and cost effective
  • - Build online community of patients and doctors
  • - Develop & publish content

Our services offerings to Hospitals / Labs / Clinics:

  • - Logo design
  • - Brochure design
  • - Banner design
  • - Social media posts
  • - Website design & develop
  • - Developing online marketing strategy
  • - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • - SEM (Google Search or Display Ads)
  • - Facebook Ads
  • - Handling social media channels
  • - Video marketing
  • - Managing online reputation
  • - Content marketing
  • - Email marketing
  • - Social media marketing

Platforms available for marketing: