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Why jewellery sector should use Digital marketing services:

The increasing trend of social media and widely used social media channels are changing the marketing parameters and digital revolution is widely affecting the consumer buying cycle and decision making process where it’s extremely important for the brands to keep influencing & motivating buyers. Though influencing buyers online with right marketing mix can be a game changing formula like using influencer marketing or content marketing in form of pictures / images or video marketing on Youtube or thinking really out of the box and using Snapchat /TikTok

How digital marketing be useful for Jewellery / Fashion sector:

  • - Generating brand / product awareness by using Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads
  • - Establish communication with buyers using Facebook / Instagram / Blogging websites
  • - Video marketing can be a very effective strategy for building brand
  • - Content marketing and Influencer Marketing can be done using fashion bloggers
  • - Video marketing should be considered prospectively
  • - Establishing brand presence by using out of the box strategies

Benefits of Digital marketing:

  • - Brand your products / services effective and efficiently
  • - Reduce your overall marketing budget
  • - Develop brand online presence
  • - Develop & publish influencer content
  • - Reduce your customer acquisition cost

Our services offered to Jewellery retail stores / Fashion boutiques:

  • - Logo design
  • - Brochure design
  • - Social media posts
  • - Website design & develop
  • - Developing online marketing strategy
  • - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • - SEM (Google Search or Display Ads)
  • - Facebook Ads
  • - Handling social media channels
  • - Video marketing
  • - Managing online reputation
  • - Content marketing
  • - Email marketing
  • - Social media marketing

Platforms available for marketing: