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Celebrities / Politicians / Self-employed personalities:

Reports have shown that on an average an individual consumes 3 hours of entertainment content online be it on mobile phones / tablet or on computer. Studies also shows that Facebook is the second most used platform for content consumption after Google. Here a very different approach is required to market yourself and not the company. Using social media platforms & a strategy driven online channels can be extremely profitable for your publicity.

Technology has been proven very effective and profitable for recent success of many self-acclaimed personas in the fields of politics / entertainment / sports. Investing is digital marketing is not an option any more but a strategy driven agency surely is!!

How digital marketing be beneficial for Celebrities / Politicians / Self employed:

  • - Generating Awareness by using Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads / Linkedin
  • - Strategy driven Social media Posts for engagement
  • - Using Instagram / Linkedin content driven strategies
  • - Establish communication with fan following using Facebook / Instagram / Blogging websites / Twitter
  • - Using Snap Chat / Tik Tok for pictures / video Sharing
  • - Video Marketing can be essential for few fields
  • - Increasing fan following base on various required channels like Facebook / Twitter / Instagram etc.
  • - Increase in engagement like “Likes / Retweets / Comments etc.”

Our services offered to Celebrities / Politicians / Self-employed:

  • - Social media posts
  • - Website design & development
  • - Developing online marketing strategy
  • - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • - Facebook Ads
  • - Handling social media channels
  • - Video marketing
  • - Managing online reputation
  • - Content marketing
  • - Social media marketing

Platforms available for marketing: